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Le grew up in Alberta and married a dashingly handsome man named Jason. After living in Ontario for 3 years, he moved her the rest of the way across the country to New Brunswick because you know what they say – Maritimers always return to the Maritimes at some point in their lives. Le is a mom to 4 beautiful children – Matthew, Emily, Rebekah and Victoria who keep her very, very busy.

Le has a Bachelors Degree in Arts with a minor in Management. She enjoys organizing events to bring people together and volunteering at church and in the community whenever she can. Le loves to sing and play the piano and one day, she is hoping to conquer the cello.

Le loves food and loves to cook. You better not sit next to her when you eat because her favourite food is ‘your food’.  Aside from eating, she loves the passion and care that Joy exemplifies and is looking forward to help bring great things to this city and province through the Joy Network.